Story of Waterlings

18 Sep

It was celebration of Mexican independence day on Hali lane, a narrow lane opening onto Beach Road with no traffic permitted, at a certain distance from the mosque that alcohol was permitted. As you reach the mosque such as Arab street, alcohol can not be served, the secular face of Singapore. Haji lane with no traffic permitted, with the certain distance from the mosque, with the narrowness in its form has transformed itself into one of the few living lanes in the otherwise not so smiling, as many say, Singapore. As the sun goes down, tables come out on both the sides of the lane. Party begins. Characteristically for the Mexican independence day, the corner restaurant, the Mexican restaurant Piedra Negra had become a miniature Mexico that evening. Sol, Negro Modelo, Corona were being served at seven dollars while typical price for a bottle of beer in this prohibistic city is almost double the price. Paraguayan singer in tight pants, back open top started singing Spanish tunes to the able company of keyboard, guitar and special drums, were these drums typically Mexican? Beer flowed smoothly at thirty dollars for five bottle, a further volume discount. Taquilla followed. Party ended at two past midnight while it looked like no one was particularly in mood to go home, while it looked like some did not end up going their homes but perhaps to some place with their newly mets. Isn’t it how the parties are supposed to end.

Drunkenness is a natural boost for creativity. When you mix alcohol into your system it shuns the left brain, the hemisphere that says I am alpha, the hemisphere which falsely assumes it is in charge, the hemisphere that can do two plus two and conclude it as four, that part shuns. On this beautiful drunkenness two plus two can be anything. A two plus two can be twenty two, the age of a voluptuous Latina somewhere there at Piedra Negra, moving her hips in the eight of salsa. The right brain takes over. World suddenly looks colorful, cheerful, lovable, not to be sweat upon. the whole hitherto organized life appears a futile pursuit over nothing. The whole meaning of life from wake up early morning, do exercise, have coffee, rush to office, do the routine looks pitiable. Then that concern disappears with the next the drink, then a level of joy begins with the third drink, then you fly with the fourth. Right brain shows yo colors you haven’t seen. Makes you understand the music you have not understood. Makes you move your body in new and creative ways that you call dance. You become a different person you were not. Long after that drunkenness that memory, that confidence remains somewhere as a subconscious awareness. A new man is born. The man tends to go into limbo, a slumber over a period of time, therefore it is critical for the survival of that happy man to subdue the left hemisphere once in a while, to recharge the right segment occasionally, to continue living as a whole sum.

Right hemisphere is the center of love, kindness, music, color, freedom, creativity. It is also the center of emotion and outbursts, rage and outrages, roaring within a man. Activation of this right hemisphere is fun and a lovable process for the individual. The left one is the ruthless alpha bastard. He says I am the boss. He says I dominate therefore I am you. He says you human being, the rational animal, the one who knows physics, the one who understands calculus, the one who can understand chemistry, the one who codes and decodes; you are the sumproduct of physics, chemistry, calculus coded to participate in the manner as part of this matrix. he nullifies the sublime lovable human being and codifies him into the matrix. The way he sits, talks, walks, sleeps, dreams the left intends to dominate each of these processes. He says here I take charge of  your life, I take charge of your situation, I see you through all the randomness. Poor human being gives in. Human being in all his awareness is a left dominated organized person. While is he really so is another debate. As the human being gives into the dominance of left brain and its traits the right brain characteristics go back to subconscious. The emotions, the colors, music, love, aroma all these are invisible to the matricising left brain. These independent two distinctive characters it is always a debate, who is this human being.

Awakening of left brain began next morning. A painful process. Head was heavy. Toilet was painful. Stomach was giving in. A veteran at left brain awakening, that I am, I know the steps. Took slow steps to the kitchen. guzzled two – three glasses of water. Just stayed there till I got some energy to walk back. Kindness of water sank in. Water is like my right brain, it loves me, it understands the left brain activation trouble I am going through, it soothes me. It says hey dear I am here, near you, I love you, don’t worry, you will be alright. The few glasses of water that I guzzled soothed my certain deprival, that dryness I was experiencing.

Step two, walk to the shower. Stand there as long as you feel good. Energize yourself. Get that fresh flow of water on your body, activate  your body energy, the pranic energy, the electric charge, the chi. Again water it was my friend, my beloved who caressed my body, who activated flow of my energy. I got slightly better. Walked back to the kitchen. Filled half a mug of milk, microwaved for one minute, stirred a spoonful of instant coffee powder, half a spoon of sugar, walked to the balcony, sipped the coffee, felt my body charging up with the every warm sip that went down my throat. I was slowly coming back to the stronger shape.

Tequilla shots are not the easiest. It dries you externally, internally. You need to come out of it gradually. No quick way out. You need to undry yourself. It is hours after you took that drink, hours after right brain showed you the world, hours after that drunkenness, the drunkenness is still remaining. Right brain is still showing colors and contours. In this state of mind I took my towel, wore my swimming shorts, pulled on a t-shirt and walked in slow paces to the swimming pool. Weather was cloudy and good. Pool was filled with pleasant cold water and I got in. Took a small lap. Dipped my head into water. Swam in small laps, just near the edge of the pool. Came to the edge and rested when I felt like, rested with head on my arms. Remained that way. Played. Spread myself into water. Listened to the sound of water. Felt the feeling of water. The way it embraced me. The way it surrounded me. The way it formed me. A new revelation was taking place within me. Water was speaking to me. Water was speaking to the chemist I am. Water was speaking to the physicist I am. Water was speaking to the biologist I am. Water was speaking to the human I am. Water was speaking to the water I am. Water was telling me its story. The story it needed to tell. the story that needed to be revealed. The story of water.

Ripples of water were the ripples in me. Sound of water was the sound in me. Water in pool was the water that formed me. The biologist in me was speaking. The mathematician was calculating. the physicist was working on structural engineering. The man that I am is sixty percent water. The water that I am not forms the structure, the skeleton, the bone, the form. Without this structure, this skeleton I am even more water, almost ninety percent. To this ninety, the water that I am not forms salts dissolved into water, waxes coating and holding the water. So the water in this pool and the man that I am are the same. I am that water in that pool who got an urge to take form, take shape, go out and experience more.

When your right brain is active, when your left brain is defunct, the revelations have their own character. Right brain, like water, an emotional, joyful creature flowing on its own. While the left defines, deters, dominates the right is living on its own. The right has no urge for dominance. The right lives in its characteristics, in its emotions, in its energy ups and downs, in its formlessness like what water would do. This summation of consciousness and emotions, how would a physicist paraphrase this right brain behavior in his formula. How would he matricise it. How would he codify it. How would he define it and how would he predict it. The human that I was in the pool, the humanoid water swam a small distance and paused, Took my turns and twirls. Asked for codification of my behavior, using all complex matrices, all sixty dimensions or thousand dimensions of string theory, all multiverse theories, all manners in which boson would emerge into becoming and thus becoming the god particle. All these matrices formed left part of by brainness. All that did not form my right. So in the calculative universe of physics my right brain did not exist. Physics was building a unified formula by completely excluding right. Physics was assuming my right did not exist. As per this unified matrix apparatus of physics if I were to swim in water I would stride in a certain manner, with a certain pace, in a certain direction to a certain distance, all certainty, all definible, repeatable certainty. But here I was swimming for the joy of it, defying all these assumptions of physics. In my frame, as NLP expert would say, physics trying to build a universe without considering this right half of my brain, without being able to include it. Physics was leaving out the entire half. Physics was silent about it. Teherefore Physics as it is would never get there. Physics as it is was incomplete, clueless and bogus. Physics could only achieve a part but not the whole. To achieve the whole Physics had to include my right hemisphere. To become complete physics had to cease to be physics. Physics had to outgrow itself. Physics had to outgrow its obsession to definibility because undefinability is an integral part of this universe. If it is not then I do not exist. If it is not then my behavior, perception orientedness, my emotion, my polarity do not exist. But they do exist. They exist in microcosminc me and therefore they must be existing in the macrocosm. Where is it? Do I have any proof of it. Where do I look for it. How do I look for this evidence. How do I understand when I see it. And I took a lap into water. I became one with water. Water began to speak again. I became one with water and heard its song. ‘Here I am, the proof, the evidence. Look at me. Talk to me.’

I was this water drop when earth was born. I was the mist, the vapor, the ice, the fluid. I was everywhere, all over the earth. I took shapes, forms. I traveled from place to place. When sun came I became vapor. Flew high. Caught cold. I condensed. I shrank. I cloudified. I poured. I fell down, all the way down from up in the heavens down to earth. Flowed again. Formed lakes. Formed rivers. Formed river falls. Joined my fellow waters, formed oceans. In this process of transformations I found joy, I found sadness, I became together with fellow waters and next moment I got separated as a vaopr and taken away by breeze. When I came to my fellow waters I always formed a loose bond, the one that you chemists call polarity of mine. Yes I have polarity. I bind to my fellow beings. I form those bonds. I like being bound that way. That is my song of love. That is my yearning. Then when I get separated I get devastated. I acquired these traits, these feelings. They remained with me. I remember them. You scientists recently stated water has memory. Yes I am being understood now, just a beginning, not in entirety. As I began experiencing this for billions of years I acquired certain traits. I evolved. As I dissolved and intermingled with other folks such as salt, sugar, gases I tasted various of these forms. I liked some. I detested some. I preferred some. I left out some. Each of these dissolutions, interminglings taught me new things, made me new everytime. Just as you saw a newness of you when you had tequilla I saw newness and new forms in these interactions. I became new water. I became new form. I learned. I retained. I got new desires. I took new shapes. I tried to form my own life. I formed them. In the beginning, new small beings. Then complex forms such as you. I became you. I am you. You and I are one. So spake water.

I felt a sense of unification with what I am made of. I felt here I am largely water, mainly water, ninety percent water with a skeleton. If ever water were to desire to take a mobile form it would take a skeletal structure like the one that I have. A structure insoluble in itself, a building material otherwise inert, strong, resistant. If water were to send messages to articulate sensation it would use electrical charges, it would use salts and other friendly materials the way it does in me. I am humanoid water. The tequilla in me was speaking. The right brain taking position for a day, for a moment? The thought passed and I moved on.

Thoughts are like dreams. They occur at nonchalance. Many vanish without a trace. Some leave a bit of reminiscence. Some stay longer. And fewer become passion, obsession. This thought, this dream, this water speaking to me stayed, grew, encompassed me, became my obsession, the obsession that I had to pen down. The obsession I had to share, a strong yearning that was not yet shared, that had seen its time, its revelation. I pondered whether it is a stray thought that had no merit beyond mere existence at the boundary of non existence. Whether it is a mere drunken feeling. I began to believe more in the favor of the thought. I started to strengthen the thought, to build upon the thought.

Biologically speaking, organisms are made mainly of water. The unicellular one who  are more than ninety percent water, who may need oxygen or may not need oxygen, all of them. As the heirarchy goes up proportion of water does not go down. Worms such as earthworms are ninety percent water. Any stronger ones have structural non water. A non water element in the organism is mainly structural or otherwise media. Be at cellular level or at extra cellular level. In the simplest form of sea urchins the structure is formed by certain polymers, alginates. In more complex forms such as plants non water is mainly schlerenchyma, the fiber that forms structure. Insects, birds, animals the structural non water portion goes up with evolution. Evolution is water plus something. Therefore I took my perspective in the reverse manner, the deductive path in the evolutionary track. While Darwinian evolution has stood test of time, its beginning is always a unicellular organism, a carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur based organism. At certain point in Darwinism in the deductive path the whole organism breaks down into molecules and atoms. Evolution has a miraculous non evolutionary beginning, when all these molecules came in contact with a divine sparkle the electric spark when an organic molecule was synthesized and the life began. Weakness of this spark driven organic synthesis often compels scientists to think whether life came to earth on a meteor or from somewhere unknown distant origin. Evolution fails to explain the beginning by staying its evolutionary course. As I traced down on my deductive path I consistently reached to higher proportions of water and reached a point where I asked is it all water. Did it all begin with water.

There are scientific papers published on how water retains memory. How water forms different crystals. Thee are conclusive experiments wherein water is found to form different forms of crystals. These patters of crystals varied by exposure to different stimulations. A stimulation given to water by meditative environment or meditative music formed crystals in floral pattern, nice uniform florals. When a certain flower was dipped in water the crystals resembled the flower, as if it remained the flower. When a stimulation of Hitler was given to water distinctive demon face emerged in the water crystals. Water conclusively demonstrated character of memory and a reactive nature in forming different crystals under different stimulations. Now we step beyond the scope of physcis, since physics ceases to be of any use here. There begins the boundary of metapysics. Water did display behavior and memory in the above cases. A distinctive right hemisphere trait. These emotional and behavioral patters are consistently displayed by living beings. A plant or an animal has time and again proven to display predictable positive response to a certain type of music and such other stimulations. A character of an entity that forms ninety percent of its body, water.

In the larger, significantly evolved human being, water continues to form that large part of body. More significant an organ the more water in it. Brain is largely water and interconnections and structural elements. Heart is largely water and structural elements. So are most of the internal organs liver, kidney, intestine or lungs. And that all encompassing, does it have an influence on traits of this mighty human being. Human being behaves in the similar manner as elemental water would behave to stimulations music, meditation or to negative stimulations. While you might argue human being is rational, not stimulations driven individual, think again. Go turn the pages of ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman, every page of the book demonstrates how human being is not a rational, not a left brain driven matricisable being. How a human being is completely predictable, behavior driven, emotions driven, stimulation reacting organism. While this is not the only book that speaks this language. Traits of water memory, responsiveness to stimulation and certain ones positive and certain ones negative as if it were emotion do get reflected in traits of human being. Is it therefore that every every surge of emotion witnesses gush of water from all perforations of human being be it as a tear, sweat, urine or saliva.

Did water acquire this character by its physico chemical nature in its polarity. A special electric charge that water carries that imparts it the character of forming loose bond with other water molecules. Did water acquire this character by the continuous cycle it went through for billions of years as water in ocean, as vapor, as rain, as flowing water. A cyclical form, a continuous periodic cyclical form perhaps few other molecules went through. Did water acquire this character from the innumerable ingredients that it dissolved into itself. Water is the universal solvent, it dissolves more ingredients in itself than any other solvent. Dissolution is unique nature of water in the earthen environment. Water is perhaps the only naturally occurring liquid. Perhaps the only fluid with maximum opportunity thereby to interact with various materials. The only other widespread fluid is air, but it does not have a stable form as water and air can not dissolve a large number of materials in itself. So water had it all – the cycle, the liquidness, that interaction, that stress and de-stress that came with these stimulations. With that water perhaps became more unique than most of the other materials and was perhaps ready for evolution.

Earthlings, that is how we say, for humans and fellow living beings. We the living beings that live on earth. Are we really earthlings. Howmuch of earth and its materials we have in us. Would it not be more apt therefore to call ourselves waterlings. Yes waterlings, that’s what we are. We live in intrinsic and extrinsic participation with water. We are largely water. We have the same emotional streak, the same behavioral pattern. Homeopathic science is stood on the basis of this water energy. The micronized material intaken as a remedy stimulates water in our system in a predetermined, predesired manner and gradually brings about the physiological effect we desire. Nonetheless homeopathy the right sides aspect, the water energy is not comprehensible in our matricising left brain and therefore leave a huge explanation undone. Nonetheless homeopathy does treat effectively, but it does not fit into our physics, our engineering. Strange however it may seem homeopathy belongs to exactly same landmass that is marveled for its engineering genius. Homeopathy does not come from Tibetan monks or from Japanese samurais nor from bearded ash smeared Naga sadhus. Homeopathy comes from the same people who give us top notch engineering products such as the best cars in BMW’s or Mercedes, best instruments such as Montblanc; German engineering that’s how we call it isn’t it. However we understand their engineering and adore them we also doubt their water engineering and get confused.

Water and its traits. Stimulations and behavioral pattern. Water stimulations and its psycho physiological influence on us the waterlings. The whole interconnection is in the holy scriptures of India the books of Aryas, co-incidentally a German descent. Scriptures have it in the holiness of rivers, lakes. In the holiness of Prayaga. Holiness is a stimulation that perhaps water receives and then distributes. A temple at this holy site, meditation, prayer, music all reinvigorate holiness to the water, which in turn is a blessing one gets with a holy dip. However a dip in the places where you routinely leave cadavers, where you exploit monetarily and sexually – will it have a reverse effect? Therefore a dip in today’s Varanasi is perhaps not the best idea? Nonetheless we continue to take a dip. Does this unholiness speak for socio cultural adversities in Uttar Pradesh from what it used to be. Can that also therefore be spoken for today’s socio cultural patterns at Euphrates and Tigris.

Holy grail of computer science is in imparting emotions and behavior to computers and robots Algorithms are being written. Neural network and brain interconnections are being studied. A further unification of man and machine, the singularity is being dreamed of. I must patent this. A true singularity and a truly emotional robot may not come into existence unless water is brought into the system. Bring in diodes, build a neural network in water based medium and you might see a robot patting your back.

Water. Its behavior. Waterling and the behavior influenced by water. Are waterlings unique. Look at scriptures. There are airlings, firelings. Their traits and characters would perhaps be different from waterlings. So if you go on to  the surface of a star where a superhot helium forms the environment you might have a ‘heilumling’ there with its traits of heat and heliumness. Though so much for the inertness of argon, we may have an ‘argonling’ among us. Is that the occasional ghost we see. Do these lings answer dor reports of demons, ghosts.

It has been a few days now since the tequilla influenced my right brain. The ever attentive left is fully functional now. The vision that tequilla made me see remained. That vision has been analysed. A phenomenon has been noticed and a theory has been formed. Not accepting a phenomenon does not make the non existent. Any amount of codification and the unified theory will never answer the way I hold my pen, the way I process my thoughts, the way I emote my emotions. Therefore I am a phenomenon that can not be explained by physics that is trying to explain the universe in a unified theory. I am a phenomenon that exists. I am a phenomenon that can not be explained and therefore not acceptable.


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